Stamina Basketball Association 8 Year Old “3 on 3 Tournament”


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SBA 3 on 3 Tournament Draft Day ~ Saturday, March 25th, at 9:30am

Each player will be put through a series of basketball drills and then drafted on a team that will allow them to use their strengths and work on being better as a teammate. time to work on their game and get better.

  • Each team has 4 players (1 substitute)
  • (4) 5 Minute Quarters
  • 5 Games plus Stamina Basketball Association Playoffs
  • Side Goals to Play Full Court
  • Saturday Games ~ 8 Teams Per Age Group

Upon Arrival: SBA League fee is $135. Parents must sign a waiver and if they haven’t submitted Online payment, that will need to be completed before the draft.

Draft Day/Time: Saturday, March 25th at 9:30am

32 in stock



The 3 on 3 Stamina Basketball Association (SBA) is to create an environment which allows young  players to develop their total game by creating consistent habits that translate into real game action. The 3 on 3 games will emphasize passing and cutting, proper footwork, communicating on defense, being a good teammate, and learning how to be a leader on the court either vocally or by example. Each player will get enough playing time to work on their game.

This league is designed to Help Players Develop their skills by playing in a smaller yet competitive league. The more they play, the better they become.




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